deckardcanine (deckardcanine) wrote,

"Not Me"? Yeah, Right

The innocence of children is a widely held belief.
When I remember how it was, I have to say, “Good grief.”
Kids rarely mind their manners, even after you remind ‘em.
A slight offense will start a fight; you almost have to bind ‘em.
For my part, I was big on half a dozen deadly sins
Compared to now, and lust was also stronger in my teens.
I guess that very little kids have yet to come out racist;
They haven’t had it taught to them. The only other basis
For calling children innocent is what they rarely do,
Like murder and embezzlement, but let us think this through:
Is this for lack of interest or ability, pray tell?
I’m betting on the latter; children don’t do most things well.
Don’t get me wrong: I still like kids, if only ‘cause they’re cute,
But branding them as innocent is something I dispute.
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