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Badly Described Plots

I'm a little late to the party, but at the start of this month, kinkyturtle introduced me to a fun if challenging meme: Think of a work from any medium, and summarize it in a technically accurate but misleading way. The best entries sound much more bizarre/boring/exciting/inappropriate than the real thing. It's up to the readers to guess what's being described.

I don't expect any one of you to get all of these. I considered specifying the medium for each, but some exist in more than one.

1. A chess failure learns to dance in a group instead. (Guessed by kinkyturtle)
2. A man repeatedly wakes up shirtless and wonders what he did. (Guessed by octan)
3. A boy discovers that he can get people on his side by burning their lower backs. (Guessed by kinkyturtle)
4. An unarmed man fearlessly pursues an adult grizzly, on many occasions. (Guessed by stevenroy)
5. A teacher becomes popular when his friend kills somebody. (Guessed by nefaria)
6. A man enables a coup d'état just by smashing a leader's nose. (Guessed by kinkyturtle)
7. A group of teen boys hang out with a grown woman while wearing only belts on their torsos. (Guessed by thatcatgirl)
8. A king cries when a snake eats his plant. (Guessed by hyperion90)
9. A man cuts back on horniness (despite a very hot girlfriend) and kills his father’s employees. (Guessed by stevenroy)
10. A cowboy can hardly wait to spend an indefinitely long time under glass. (Guessed by thatcatgirl)
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