deckardcanine (deckardcanine) wrote,

Blue Cross Blue Shield ran a full-page ad for their federal employment program in my paper today. It shows multiple rows of blue poolside chairs, interspersed with closed umbrellas and little tables. The brief upper caption: "Blue is freedom to choose." (The last three words appear handwritten on a line, apparently to evoke someone having chosen the words on a form.) The longer caption in smaller font:

Different people have different preferences. A parent might need a health plan with room to grow, while young singles may want basic coverage with low deductibles. Blue Cross Blue Shield is a great choice for them and everyone in between, thanks to the size of our provider network and our flexible plan options. Find out more at

What doesn't sit right with me? Well, the chairs all look identical. They may be empty and therefore up for grabs, but when the only differences are in precise location, it's hard to get excited about your freedom to choose. The image utterly fails to convey anything like "room to grow" versus "basic" or "low deductibles."

While I'm at it... BCBS, please decide on a standard way to write your name. Your logo shows "BlueCross BlueShield," contradicting the same ad's paragraph. The Web site even adds "and," as in "the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association." My job requires me now and then to figure out what to call you. Please make it easier.
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