deckardcanine (deckardcanine) wrote,

Sleep on This Idea

For years, I wished that people didn’t have to go to sleep:
Our brains would never need it for our memories to keep,
We wouldn’t feel exhausted just from staying up too late,
And days would seem to have an extra bunch of hours. Great!

The one thing that I thought I’d miss was having pleasant dreams
(Tho sometimes even nightmares have their benefits, it seems).
That wouldn’t be a problem if we could sleep when we pleased,
But few would then respect the practice. “Let the day be seized!”

Well, nowadays, I recognize that sleep is good for more
Than dreams and brain recharging. It’s a boon I won’t ignore:
To wake up in the morning makes the day feel nice and new,
Instead of never-ending. I will cherish that; will you?
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