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Tuesday, February 21st, 2017
9:56 pm
Book Review: Temple of the Winds
In order of release, this is fourth volume of The Sword of Truth. In order of story events, it's sixth. Regardless, it's my first taste of author Terry Goodkind. I have no idea of the volumes' relative popularity; I just wanted to check out some part of the tremendous series, which I must have learned about from a list of recommended fantasy novels.

Clearly a lot happened in the previous books, especially if they're all close to this one's 822 pages. Much of it gets touched on herein, with enough explanation that I never felt lost. Alas, since there had been apparently surprising twists, in order not to spoil the earlier volumes for anyone who wants to read them, I'd better put plot and character details behind a cut.

You've been warnedCollapse )

Non-spoiler assessmentCollapse )

Part of me wished to have started at the beginning of the series and possibly read right up to this point. Another suspected that the earlier volumes were relatively hackneyed, from what I know of them. Still, they almost certainly had more for the Sword of Truth to do. This curiosity might get me to pick up the next in the series from my shelf, but not any time soon; I need a break.

So what am I starting now? Keith Laumer's Last Stand. That too is the fourth book in its series, specifically that of the Bolos. I don't know that it'll be uplifting, but the summary reads like an inversion of the Berserker series, so it's worth a shot. Plus, a collection of short stories can always be put aside as needed (like I ever do that).
Sunday, February 19th, 2017
10:49 pm
Sorry, Mr. Washington
It’s Presidents’ Day weekend, but I’m working Monday morn.
I didn’t choose to do that out of any kind of scorn.
I simply have some tasks to do that start and end that day.
They might just last all afternoon before I go away.
Besides, I’m apprehensive when it comes to PTO.
My job has gotten less secure; I want my boss to know
That I can be relied upon when others aren’t around,
So work on minor holidays seems positively sound.
Sunday, February 12th, 2017
10:55 pm
Lover's World
Listen to the music that the radio plays,
Whether newly released or from the good old days,
And it barely even matters which genre of song
Or what station you’re on, because it won’t be long
Before somebody sings about falling in love.
You would think that that topic’s been covered enough,
But there’s always a new heart to steal or break.
It’s a lover’s world; make no mistake.

If you watch the ads on TV or online
When the program’s not kiddie, you’re likely to find
That they want you to think that whatever they’re selling
Will cause another person to find you compelling,
Be that person a stranger or a current date
Or a spouse who hasn’t been affectionate of late.
Exploiting this desire makes many a sale.
It’s a lover’s world; they can hardly fail.

When you ask a waiter for a table for one,
You are keenly aware that it doesn’t look fun.
When a service doesn’t cater to a single adult,
You may start to feel as if you’ve entered a cult.
There’s an expectation that you’ll find a honey.
If you say you won’t try, people look at you funny,
For isn’t this something that everyone wants?
It’s a lover’s world, as it plainly flaunts.

About that last stanza: As much as I meant it,
I don’t want you thinking that I really resent it.
I’m not one for bitterness on Valentine’s Day.
(It helps that the candy chases doldrums away.)
I’ve found my peace as an unattached guy
In a culture that barely understands why.
When others have romances pleasant to see,
This lover’s world is all right by me.
Monday, February 6th, 2017
12:09 am
Would you welcome the chance to go back to the past,
Affecting historic events?
We’ve thought of it often, but many decide
It would come at an awful expense.
Could making a paradox cause us to freeze
Or explode, as Doc Brown once surmised?
If not, could we still make things worse for the future?
I wouldn’t be very surprised.
But one thing I’ve realized is how many stories
Pretend that the present’s the end.
In truth, every action we make is a gamble
We someday may have to amend.
What brings ill in an era might better the next.
We’ll never know which route works best.
The most we can do is be morally sound
As we follow the path that we’ve guessed.
For my part, I’d hate to be given the option
To alter the timeline at will—
Couldn’t fix every problem, but where would I stop?
The thought of it gives me a chill.
Sunday, January 29th, 2017
10:42 pm
An Engaging Subject
If ever I wish to propose to a woman,
The question won’t simply be “popped.”
Getting down on one knee with a ring at the ready?
That practice should really be dropped.
Such a vital decision concerning two people
Is better discussed in advance.
Putting pressure on one to say yes in a hurry
Means taking a terrible chance,
Even worse if you ask at a public event
Where some thousands of people can see.
Your intended may jump without thinking it through
Or refuse you embarrassingly.
(Having said that, I realize I’ve never been close
To engagement in all of my life,
But I like to believe that I’d keep my advice
For the sake of a promising wife.)
Sunday, January 22nd, 2017
10:56 pm
Well, That's Just Super
In youth, I wished that I could fly,
But fun like that gets old real fast.
It also turns more heads than I
Would like, so now that wish is past.
I thought I’d want to teleport
To save on time and travel fees,
But how’s it work? I might fall short
And die. (Do I sound hard to please?)
Perhaps it makes more sense to dream
Of doing what I can already,
Only to a new extreme,
But that might feel a tad unsteady.
Nowadays, I fantasize
Of subtle powers. Yeah, I’m sure
For all the truths I realize,
I’m still a little immature.
Sunday, January 15th, 2017
10:56 pm
L.A. Must Hate It
It’s been attacked by giants, mutants, aliens, and ghosts.
It’s sometimes underwater thanks to being on the coast.
The president once bombed it to avoid a bigger woe.
It’s had so many criminals, the good guys had to go.
With these and more examples as depicted on the screen,
You’d think that New York City wouldn’t be a crowded scene.
12:17 am
Book Review: Howl's Moving Castle
When I saw the Studio Ghibli adaptation in 2005, it pushed ahead of Spirited Away for my favorite Hayao Miyazaki movie. But for all its popularity on the three big rating sites, I've found a number of people who didn't think much of it. Those people consistently had read the Diana Wynne Jones novel first. I decided I would have to compare it for myself someday, but I kept putting it off, both because I thought I still remembered the film too well and because I was afraid of falling out of love with the film. The mood finally hit me when I wanted a feminine fantasy and saw no others on my shelf.

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My opinions on the bookCollapse )

Revised thoughts on the movieCollapse )

My current book is Terry Goodkind's Temple of the Winds. I didn't expect to start the Sword of Truth series on the fourth volume, but my sister and brother-in-law found this and the next two. Goodkind must be doing something right, because these tomes are huge.
Sunday, January 8th, 2017
10:58 pm
Feeling Testy
Allison Bechdel is most widely known
For a comic strip episode setting the tone
For a sort of eponymous feminist test
To see how a matter of gender’s addressed.
It featured two women. One wanted to see
A new movie; the other was doubtful, as she
Would demand that two women converse on a thing
Besides one or more men. Now, is that hard to bring?
You might be surprised at how few works will meet
The criteria, even with words bent to cheat,
Like when “women” are broadened to girls under six
Or to animals talking in CGI pics.
It’s not just in cinema; video games
And most other media fall short on dames.
If you think this is trivial, might I point out
The reverse test, whose passing is rarely in doubt.
Some people find Allison’s test overhyped.
I admit it says nothing of stereotypes
And other key factors to see whether works
Were most likely made by male chauvinist jerks,
But I still like its use as a rule of, ah, thumb
(A phrase that’s not sexist; that origin’s rum).
Sunday, January 1st, 2017
10:17 pm
Miss Fortune
I once read the news that a “psychic” declared
Her competitors launched an attack.
I thought, “If you’re psychic, you knew that they would,
So why didn’t you sneak out the back?”
But that’s when it struck me: If they’re psychic too,
Then they’d know of her future as well.
When two sides see what’s coming, a stalemate’s assured,
So there’s really no fortune to tell.
Monday, December 26th, 2016
12:10 am
Not Really a Green Christmas Either
“Jingle Bells” and “Let It Snow” and “Winter Wonderland”
Are always played as Christmas songs; it’s gotten out of hand.
Not only do they never mention holiday décor
Or Santa Claus or gifts, much less what “Christ” and “mas” are for,
But I recall the first noel took place in Bethlehem.
This snow would hardly fall at any time of year for them.
These “carols” also seem unfair to people further south….
But I should end my rant; it’s not the time of year to pout.
Saturday, December 17th, 2016
9:38 pm
"Not Me"? Yeah, Right
The innocence of children is a widely held belief.
When I remember how it was, I have to say, “Good grief.”
Kids rarely mind their manners, even after you remind ‘em.
A slight offense will start a fight; you almost have to bind ‘em.
For my part, I was big on half a dozen deadly sins
Compared to now, and lust was also stronger in my teens.
I guess that very little kids have yet to come out racist;
They haven’t had it taught to them. The only other basis
For calling children innocent is what they rarely do,
Like murder and embezzlement, but let us think this through:
Is this for lack of interest or ability, pray tell?
I’m betting on the latter; children don’t do most things well.
Don’t get me wrong: I still like kids, if only ‘cause they’re cute,
But branding them as innocent is something I dispute.
Monday, December 12th, 2016
12:27 am
Is This Classification Good, Bad, or Ugly?
Just why do we have westerns?
Most genres aren’t defined
By era or location.
It’s awkwardly assigned.
We never speak of “easterns,”
Though samurai comes close,
And then there’s sword-and-sandal,
But neither one of those
Is counted as a genre
At many stores and sites
That think a western isn’t
An action flick by rights.
Perhaps this has to do with
How long they’ve been around.
The label dates back further
Than cinematic sound.
In any case, I find it
A silly tag at best,
But still I like some movies
With a setting in the West.
Sunday, December 4th, 2016
10:44 pm
More on Democracy
“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb
Voting on what to have for lunch,”
Said Benjamin Franklin? No, that’s a sham;
He never beat Gary Strand to the punch.
In any event, I no longer agree
With the sentiment that the speaker implied.
The alternatives to democracy
Would logically show an uglier side:
A wolf could outvote any number of sheep,
As often occurs in the natural realm.
I have to conclude that it’s better to keep
The largest number of folks at the helm.
Sunday, November 27th, 2016
2:42 pm
Sleep on This Idea
For years, I wished that people didn’t have to go to sleep:
Our brains would never need it for our memories to keep,
We wouldn’t feel exhausted just from staying up too late,
And days would seem to have an extra bunch of hours. Great!

The one thing that I thought I’d miss was having pleasant dreams
(Tho sometimes even nightmares have their benefits, it seems).
That wouldn’t be a problem if we could sleep when we pleased,
But few would then respect the practice. “Let the day be seized!”

Well, nowadays, I recognize that sleep is good for more
Than dreams and brain recharging. It’s a boon I won’t ignore:
To wake up in the morning makes the day feel nice and new,
Instead of never-ending. I will cherish that; will you?
Sunday, November 20th, 2016
9:36 pm
A Poem of Law and Anarchy
In the novel The Man Who Was Thursday,
The hero’s a “poet of law.”
A “poet of anarchy” meets him
And finds his wit quick on the draw.
The two of them publicly argue
On which kind is better to be.
“Is beauty in order or chaos?”
Alas, what they both fail to see
Is that neither is wholly sufficient:
A world of pure law would be dull,
While a world that was fully anarchic
Would drive you right out of your skull.
The story goes on to be silly—
A Nightmare, the subtitle’s said.
For a Chesterton work, it’s not lousy,
But it isn’t the smartest I’ve read.
Saturday, November 12th, 2016
8:36 pm
Deserving in Democracy
“A democratic country gets the leader it deserves.”
This sentiment is common, but it’s getting on my nerves.
Deserving is for human individuals, not nations,
Espec’ly when exhibiting such voter variations.
The people who have voted for a candidate who lost
Should not be held responsible for what the winner’s cost,
And do not give them credit for the benefits in store,
Provided there will be some (I’m not certain anymore).
Sunday, November 6th, 2016
2:18 pm
Remember, Remember This
Guy Fawkes is an anarchist symbol
Because of the Gunpowder Plot,
But few people know much about him:
An anarchist man he was not.
It’s true he was part of the party
That tried to assassinate James,
But Guy was a Cath’lic extremist.
Restoring the Church was his aim.
That might have meant total dominion
Or naught but a tolerant king.
Whatever he wanted, I’m certain
That anarchy wasn’t his thing.
Sunday, October 30th, 2016
11:28 pm
If Looks Could Unkill
In some works of fiction, the ghosts look like sheets
Or possibly blobs, like the kind Pac-Man faced.
In others, they look as they did before death,
Tho often transparent and colored like paste.
If lucky, they’ll show as the age they prefer
Or, better yet, alter their shape as they will.
The less lucky spirits reflect their own corpse.
If ever I see them, I’ll head for the hills.
Saturday, October 29th, 2016
7:11 pm
Book Review: No Time for Sergeants
A member of my extended family felt like giving away a lot of books. I picked this one off the shelf because it had a familiar title. Indeed, it became a movie I might have watched if I didn’t read the Mac Hyman book first. What really sold me was the blurb asserting that the critic laughed till he cried. It occurred to me that 1950s hilarity might not fly today, but it was worth a shot.

I still don’t know where the title came from. At no point does any character say it, nor does it seem to fit anyone’s attitude. But the story does have a military focus.

Cut for lengthCollapse )

Since that reading was basically devoid of females, I’ve move on to Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones. Here’s a book whose movie I did see, but I heard the two versions don’t have much in common.
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